All I haven’t yet forgotten: My reason why


Writing a blog has always been there, somewhere, in the back of my mind. Ever since they came to my attention, back when they were digital diaries. My reasons for starting one were plenty. And so were my reasons for why I didn’t. Until I found one that was stronger than my laziness, louder than my self-doubt, and surprisingly reasonable.

What I remember and forget

Those two concepts are on my mind a lot these days.

The other day I stood in the kitchen, motionless, focusing all my energy, trying to remember a dish I made in those years I lived alone. One dish, any dish. After a painfully long time I remembered rice with salsa. And nachos. Lots of nachos. Surely that wasn’t everything I ever ate. I did remember flipping through cook books and food blogs, carrying grocery bags that threatened to rip any second. But I couldn’t remember what it was I made myself for dinner each evening.
Similarly, I tried recalling my trip to Ljubljana last year. Images flashed. I remembered snippets. Impressions. But I struggled recreating the trip, chronologically. And it was only last year. There was so much I wanted to remember, every moment of it, to be exact, as it was my first solo trip I saw the sunset on. Usually I was well on my way home came dusk on my prior adventures. This time I stayed the night. I watched the sun set, the city go to sleep and wake up the next morning. I got followed by a stranger before dawn, when only the birds and I were up. Had the loveliest chat with a man selling strawberries on a farmer’s market. Bought a cactus for my sister. And so much more. Who knows what I’ll remember a year from now, and the year after that?
I created this little space as my antidote to forgetting.

And along the way, I hope that you get something useful out of browsing these pages too. Maybe I’m passionate about something you’ve always been curious about. Maybe you find something you just needed to hear again. Something you needed to remember. You know, just like me.

Those are my reasons for creating this blog, and for once, I think they are good ones. So let’s celebrate, with everybody and their grandma, that the ever so tiny blogging world grew a bit bigger today. I know, I know, subtle sarcasm is my thing!


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