A Tea Blend For Slow Mornings

Introducing green tea with orange zest and peppermint! The perfect sip to start the day.


Even though I love blending tea each morning to fit my current mood and needs, I recently set out on the quest of finding the morning tea blend, one that I can prepare and brew when I don’t feel like dreaming up a new combination. And here’s the one I think works universally to wake up the body, invigorating the senses, and that is gentle enough to sip first thing in the morning.

Here’s a quick overview of why each of the ingredients is awesome (but note that I’m not a nutritionist or any other kind of expert, this is just what stuck with me after some online research):

green teaJust in case you have forgotten, green tea is super high in antioxidants, amino acids and tanning agents which soothes upset stomachs and help with digestion. It helps calm down and focus, and because of the theanine contained in green tea you maintain the energy boost you get for a longer time, no caffeine spikes like with coffee.


orange zest
Orange zest contains pectin, which is a natural fibre that soothes the stomach and regulates blood sugar levels. It also aids with digestion, protecting the gut microflora, contains vitamins, and supports the immune system, boosts your metabolism and energises.


Number one bonus when adding peppermint to your morning cup of tea: fresh breath! The menthol content makes it antibacterial and helps in clearing the throat. It also has a cooling effect, which makes it the perfect tea for those summer mornings that already start with boiling sunshine. It eases tension in the entire body, fighting headaches and tense shoulders alike.

And I didn’t even mention the taste! It’s a wonderful blend of flavours, fresh, tangy, grounding.

It already tastes like it’s super good for you – but in the best way possible! I don’t measure how much I put in, and change up the ratio every day. But a guideline would be:

For a cup of tea

  • As much green tea as I can hold with three fingers
  • Two inches of orange zest
  • Four peppermint leaves

Of course, dried orange and peppermint works too!

Figure out your favourite ratio as you go. You can’t do anything wrong here 🙂



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