A Blend For Every Occasion: Essential Oils

About one and a half years ago I fell head over heels for essential oils. It’s a complex subject, and this won’t be an introduction to it. I definitely want to write a bit more about my first steps though, my confusions, my mistakes, my little victories. And maybe a little guide to help anyone else who’s been curious about it get started 🙂


So now that we know what this post isn’t, what is it?

It’s a collection of my current favourite essential oil blends.

Several months ago I bought a handful of tiny roll-on bottles that I filled with different blends for every occasion I thought I’d need a little scented help.


You can either add the blends to a diffuser, or, like I did, add them to a carrier oil to apply the mixture on the skin. Essential oils work both through application + absorption of the skin, and through inhalation (something I’ll explain further in the previously mentioned future post). So you might find that the same blend has different effects on you depending on how you use it. For me, however, these do their job both in the diffuser and the roll-on. Except for the instances when I apply calm to my stomach to massage it, or be well to soothe insect bites. For obvious reasons though 🙂



In case you are still looking to buy essential oils, I recommend you check out Primavera, and whether or not they ship to your country. They are by far my favourite essential oils, and recommend them to each of you.


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