An Unexpected Dream Team: Lapacho & Mate Tea

I’ve never heard of lapacho until I browsed the shelves of a tea shop.

Made from the bark of a tree the locals call tree of life. Smokey and harsh.

Of course, I was intrigued. I am not quite sure what I expected. Maybe something that reminds me of BBQ sauce? It definitely is smokey. And it is oh so different from most other teas. By itself it tastes sweet-ish as well. So I guess, in a way it does resemble BBQ sauce! But in the best way possible, I promise!

Lapacho tea by itself is good. But paired with mate (and a few extras)? Incredible!

Okay, let me introduce you to all the stars of this tea blend.

IMG_2955Lapacho tea, as I mentioned, comes from the bark of the lapacho tree. It was already used as a tea in herbal medicine by the Inka, and is said to support the immune system, to be antibacterial, and anti-inflamatory.


IMG_2954Mate tea might be the more popular tea from South America. It contains coffeine and it energises most people. Me, on the other hand, it mostly calms. I have no scientific explanation for this effect though. It also helps with digestion, and aids the metabolism.


IMG_2958Rose hip is particularly high in vitamin C. That’s why you find it in a lot of tea blends for colds. It  adds a hint of fruity sweetness to your tea.


IMG_2952Black tea holds this blend together. Or it rounds it off. Depending how you want to look at it. Either way, it is delicious. For this blend I’d recommend a stronger black tea, with assam being my favourite.


IMG_2948Red peppercorns are such a luxury extra to me! They add a bit of extra punch to the blend, and I wouldn’t want to miss it.


Chances are you’ve never heard of or tried lapacho either. But if you ever stumble upon it in your tea shop, I highly recommend you give it a try. Try it by itself, and in this blend. You can switch out the rose hips for any other dried fruit (think date, black currant, cranberry, or even goji!), leave out the peppercorns or black tea – it’s all possible!


As a rough guideline I use 2 parts lapacho and 1 part of each mate and black tea. Sprinkle a few peppercorns and rose hips into the blend. Depending on if I want it spicier or sweeter I change up the ratio.

I love sipping it as an afternoon pick me up. It is so wonderfully different and unexpected. Forever a favourite of mine.


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4 thoughts on “An Unexpected Dream Team: Lapacho & Mate Tea

    1. It is SO much fun! I encourage you to give it a try someday! 🙂 I’m currently writing a bit about how I got started in hopes to tun it into a blogpost – so if there’s anything in particular you’d like to know I’d be happy to include it! 🙂


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