Goji Berry Hot Chocolate

It's time for a new fool-proof recipe! This time for a beverage that is not tea! Gasp! Oh yes. It's time for hot chocolate! And not just any hot chocolate. It's fancy, it's healthy, it can be raw if that's important to you. And it's flashy orange-y. Starring goji berries. I adapted the recipe from … Continue reading Goji Berry Hot Chocolate


Banana Bread: Simple, Healthy, Vegan

Can I start every recipe post with drum rolls? It seems so appropriate considering each recipe I share here is amazing. And most of all, they are all fool-proof! Because I make them, multiply times, and they always turn out great. Let me tell you, that doesn't happen with every recipe I try. Absolutely not! … Continue reading Banana Bread: Simple, Healthy, Vegan