About Me

Hi, I’m Annabelle!

Oh hi, I didn’t see you there! I was just casually browsing through my book of Irish history, you know?

But seriously, I’m a huge history nerd. With a tendency to get obsessive over anythig that sparks my interest.

After finishing school I moved to Northern Germany, studied meteorology and started going on solo adventures (which used to scare the hell out of me). If anything, I gained courage from my time up north.

Today I live back at home in Austria with my family, study law and try not to stumble with each step I make.

I created this blog as my antidote to forgetting. As a place to collect all the recipes, impressions, endless ponderings, fears and hopes, hidden corners I found, and insights into the fields of my current obsessions that I want to remember.

What my recent obsessions have been? Tea, definitely tea. Everything from each ingredient’s health benefits to creating the perfect blend for any occassion. Natural self-care products and making self-care something that comes as natural as breathing, instead of being something to check off the to-do-list. Essential oils and scents. Perfumes! Creating healthy vegan snacks and treats (healthy in this case meaning sans added sugar, and with whole foods). Video-making. And watching Crash Course videos on youtube.

I so hope you enjoy browsing through the pages! And come say hi, tell me what you’re obsessed with at the moment!